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Travel experience Hawaii: OAHU - Circle Island

Oahu is full of games like surfing, swimming with fishes, visiting islands with helicopters, etc. If you don't like to play adventure games, you can choose to tour around Oahu. Oahu seems small but it takes more than a day to visit the island. Because if I go on the bus, I don't have enough time to go back, the trolley doesn't go all the way, cars go against the New Zealand side so they don't dare to drive

That day we went with 5 more people (3 English friends, 2 friends from Australia). The ride was 10 people, comfortable and we were more active. However, unfortunately, the day was naturally cloudy, and the rain and clouds were gray so the photos were not beautiful.

When the car reaches the outskirts, the scene is the same as in the stick, along the path shaded with trees because the canopy is very wide, the car is not much, sometimes there is a roadside fruit stand.

The car took us through Diamond Head, the place called the paradise gate. Unfortunately, I did not visit or climb to the top of the mountain to look down but continue to go to Halona Blow Hole and Halona Beach (these 2 places are very close to each other). Halona beach is beautiful and clean, only sorry that the wave was so strong that we didn't take a bath. Opposite the sea is building a Hollywood school film, I jokingly told my friends "let's go ahead, let me stay here to cast movies", making them laugh in the car.

On our way to Dole, the pineapple capital of Hawaii from the past, but now they only grow to serve the needs of Hawaii, not export. Here sell everything made from fragrant like fresh cream, soap, shower gel, shampoo, cake, candy, ... You can try aromatic ice cream but choose a small tree because the ice cream here is twice as big. New Zealand party. The price of 1 pineapple / pineapple ice cream in Dole is $ 6 / stick.