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8 European Destinations Ideal For Excellent Winters

Exciting activities such as skiing, snow viewing, cave exploration or visiting the magnificent "Winter" palaces will be new experiences for you to want an ideal winter. And the following 11 European locations will make it easy to turn that wish into reality.

Tallinn is the Capital or also the largest city in Estonia, the city located on the Baltic coast. This is an important economic, political and cultural center of Estonia. Tallinn attracts visitors with cobblestone cobbled streets and many ancient works.

When you arrive in Tallinn, Estonia in winter you will feel like entering a fairy world. Visitors can visit more than 20 ancient towers and Song Festival Grounds, annual music festivals. Visiting Tallinn, Estonia from mid-November to early January, you will have the opportunity to explore the Christmas market in Town Hall Square.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital and Denmark's largest city, and the second largest city in the Nordic region. The colorful buildings with the characteristic canal system will bring you an interesting and new winter.

Winter festivals are bustling and diverse, interesting activities such as snow castle, camp fire, volleyball, golf, softball ... also contribute to stimulating people's movement. people. Especially the winter season in Copenhagen, Denmark is often long and fast, so everyone needs some motivation to step outside.

3. Saariselkä, Lapland, Finland

Lapland is considered to be Santa's hometown and is always an attractive destination in winter. At Saariselkä, a small village in the heart of Lapland, visitors experience dog sled rides running through frozen lakes or visiting wild areas and watching animals. In addition, on some special itineraries, tourists have the opportunity to experience ice fishing activities.

4. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is famous for its beautiful canal system and paved streets. As expected of the land of Chocolate, you can find more than 40 Chocolate shops along the streets. To Bruges, you can also visit the ancient bell tower located in the city center and climb 366 stairs of the tower to see the faint skyline and white chalky buildings. Besides, the city is also home to the Stone Sculpture Festival with a large stone palace, along with spectacular works of favorite Disney characters.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Canal system in Amsterdam on December level also boasted the colorful clothes of the Light Festival held every year. At this time, visitors can sit on the boat and watch the sculptures and colorful LED lights everywhere, then stop at a street stall and discover the food here. In addition, tourists can visit the castle and admire the giant Christmas tree.

Amsterdam, Netherlands will be the ideal destination in winter. You will have a peaceful and enjoyable feeling when visiting Amsterdam and participating in winter activities here.

6. St Petersburg, Russian Federation

St. Petersburg, a Russian Federation city, is the second largest city in Russia and also the former capital of the Russian Empire. Winter in St Petersburg is covered by thick white snow, winter temperatures in St. Petersburg, Russia is relatively cold sometimes the temperature drops below 0 degrees C. Visitors to St Pertersburg can visit Isaac church With its famous golden dome, visit the Hermitage museum with a spectacular art collection or ice skating at Victory Park or see locals fishing on the Neva River.

Winter in St Petersburg, Russia is also an opportunity for you to combine with activities to welcome the busy new year on the street.

Sibiu is a city in Transilvania, which is the capital of Sibiu County and is located 282 km northwest of Bucharest. Located in the middle of the snow-capped Făgăraş mountains, the city of Sibiu is like a maze with narrow streets and towering city walls. When you arrive in Sibiu, you can visit the famous Lies bridge, admire the glittering tree lights in the main square or watch The Nutcracker at the Ballet Sibiu theater.

Visit the historic city of Edinburgh during the winter, admire the ice rink and the beautiful Edinburgh castle, enjoy warm whiskeys or walk the famous Royal Mile route. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in the festival of Hogmanay to welcome the exciting new year with bustling concerts and brilliant fireworks displays.

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