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9 What You Need To Remember When First Traveling

1. Don't be afraid to speak French

If you know French, it will be great, if not, try to get used to some simple French sentences. Many French people can speak English, but not all of them and sometimes you will be confused when communicating with native speakers. French people will appreciate your efforts if you speak their language and you will have many interesting experiences. If you can't speak French, listen, try to express yourself in English or 'body language' with a friendly attitude that will still win the hearts of the French people.

2. Use wifi properly in Paris
Most hotels, restaurants and cafes in Paris have wifi to help you surf the web, check mail or work. However, some cases only provide wifi when you turn on international usage mode, if you are not careful you may lose money unfairly. So to avoid embarrassment, please take the time to read the instructions for using wifi mode in Paris or ask the restaurant / hotel carefully before using.

3. Not necessarily go all the attractions
The charm of France comes from many different regions and the attractions of each region, or Paris alone is quite large and there are many places to visit. So you don't have to explore all the attractions in a short time. Instead, make a detailed list of places to go, things to do in France and slowly enjoy your trip slowly and slowly. If you just follow a busy schedule of attractions, you will quickly get tired and forget the real reason why people love beautiful France.

4. Don't ignore the Louvre
Perhaps you will think that it is a good idea to hang out at interesting attractions instead of burying in boring museums, but it will be a big mistake if you ignore the Louvre - one of the symbols of Paris and France. It showcases the most famous artworks of all time, such as the classic Mona Lisa or the statue of the Goddess of Beauty ... You do not need to visit all but just spend time admire the most outstanding works only. If you are an art enthusiast, there is no more ideal place for you besides this interesting museum, you can also register to tour the Louvre to learn more interesting things.

5. Do not line up to buy tickets to the Eiffel Tower
This is absolutely not an advice that you should ignore the symbolic tower of this 'light capital', otherwise this is one of the experiences you should not miss when arriving in Paris. However, the inconvenience is the long lines of tourists queuing up to buy tickets incessantly, so to get a ticket to the top of the tower often have to wait very long and tired. Instead you can register for tours of the Eiffel Tower or buy tickets online at

6. Calm when credit card is not active
According to the French travel experience of many people, the cash registers in restaurants or shops in France sometimes happen to not receive foreign payment cards. If this is the case, do not panic, just tell the staff you are using a foreign card and you can also go outside to withdraw cash from the ATM to pay. If you have any problems with the ATM, you can go to the bank for help and support cash withdrawal at the counter.

7. Discover French cuisine
France is famous for its exquisite and elegant cuisine, so if you go to France, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the unique dishes here such as snails, frog thighs, foie gras ... If not matched You should still taste it once to understand a part of the nation's cultural identity. The eating style of the French is also very courteous and polite, so you should pay attention when eating here, you need to wash your hands before eating, chewing without making sounds and not flossing or belching after eating, acting Hand-feeding or using a fork to cut is considered to be less delicate, you need to hold a knife to cut food and do not use a fork on the plate. You should also not miss the famous cakes, chocolates or wines in this country.

8. Don't eat while eating
One thing you should keep in mind when traveling to France is that you should not bring food and drinks to work, business places, and should not just go and eat because it is considered rude. The French do not like to eat and do other things. Food carried here means food purchased from a restaurant or cafe and sitting at a park bench or at home.

9. Don't talk loudly in the subway
Although it is a public transport, the subway in France is usually quite quiet, you should not talk loudly if you do not want to be seen by indigenous people with 'stigma'. At the same time, getting attention is also easy to make you the target of pickpockets. At the rush hour subway will be very crowded so you need to be careful to keep your belongings carefully.

Above are 9 things you need to remember when traveling France for the first time to have a smooth and memorable trip...