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Tell you the American travel experience for your trip smoothly

American tourism is always the desire of many people, here you will admire the paradise land with tens of thousands of most developed countries. For a smooth ride, you should not ignore the self-sufficient American travel experience below.

America - the destination many people dream about

The American travel experience self-sufficient travelers should know

Should the US travel at any time?

The climate in the US is very diverse, each different region will have different climate types. There are some temperate climates, but some areas have a tropical climate or a polar, desert climate. Spring begins from March to June, summer from June to September, autumn from September to December and from December to March next year is winter. However, the American travel experience tells you to go in the spring is the most ideal time.

American tourism in the spring is the most beautiful

Apply for a US tourist visa:

The most difficult US tourism is the issue of obtaining a visa, because applying for a US entry visa is not the same as many other countries. You need to prepare the necessary documents as soon as possible and respond fully and accurately to the interview. In addition, usually the US embassy will ask you to prove your trip is short and will definitely return.

Apply for a US tourist visa

Types of documents that you need to prepare: passports with a term of 6 months or more originals, visa applications, 2 5 x 5 photo cards, proof of occupation, application for leave with certified company, career contract, financial proof, confirmation of two-way ticket booking, hotel booking, travel schedule.

The US currency unit is the US dollar, so it's best to change from VND to USD for convenience. You can exchange at banks, gold shops ... in Vietnam or the United States. There is an American travel note that you should know when entering / exiting you can only bring a maximum of $ 5,000, so just change a moderate amount, also use credit cards for convenience and safety.

Currency exchange in USD

Ticket booking:

Aircraft are the only means of transportation to the United States and because they are located very far from Vietnam, the cost is not cheap. Tips to save costs, you should contact the airline ticket booking for advice and early flight procedures.

You should contact to book your airline tickets

Transportation in the United States:

The most popular means of transportation in the United States are public transport such as subway and bus. In addition, you can also call a taxi or rent a car to drive outside but remember that the price of taxi here is very expensive, which includes tips for drivers 10%.

Hotel reservations in the US:

With a developed country like the US there are many options for hotels, room rates for your reference. Normally, hotels in the city center will be more expensive than hotels far from the center. If you are far away from the center, you will have to pay for transportation and other services.

Subway is a popular means of transportation in the United States

Hotel room rates in the US range from US $ 300-400 / night. And motels around the road cost about 25-30USD / night. Depending on your region and economic condition, you may choose a suitable accommodation.

Famous places to visit in America:

As a large, developed and vibrant country, there are also many famous places to visit in the US for you to visit and explore. If you do not know where to go, you can refer to some options below:

+ New York City: Here you can visit the World Trade Center relics, United Nations headquarters, Manhattan seaport ...

New York City has many attractions

+ Washington Capital: Washington has famous places in the US such as Independence Square, National Assembly House, White House ...

+ In Los Angeles: There is Little Saigon area, Hollywood movie capital, Disneyland park ... you can come here for sightseeing and entertainment.

Los Angeles - the city of interesting things

+ In Chicago: visitors can immerse themselves in stunning landscapes such as the Sears Tower Skydeck (the tallest mountain in the US) or take a boat on Lake Michigan, visiting the world's largest aquarium - Shedd Aquarium.

+ In California: This is an attractive destination in the US that you should not ignore. Here, you can visit and witness the beautiful crystal church.


Besides, on the East and West coasts of the United States, there are many interesting attractions such as Times Square, Liberty Island, Empire State Building, White House, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Little Saigon, etc. that if you have time with you Don't forget to visit.

American cuisine like?

In the US, there are many specialties about culinary culture from many different cultures. To travel to the US, you can choose for yourself Vietnamese and Vietnamese restaurants and eateries. When you go to restaurants in the US, you often have to wait and be forced to tips about 10-15% immediately calculated on the bill.

American cuisine is very diverse

Some dishes you can try in the US such as: New York Pizza, Florida lemon cake, Chicago sausage sandwiches, Alaska king crab, ...

Hopefully, with the sharing of American travel experiences above, can provide you with the information you need to have a smooth and perfect trip in this country.

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